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. likely multiple officers -- there are some dogs going in there. not a surprise. k-9 un i have the been in the neighborhood. this has been the area of attention and the reason so, because in early morning hours, they believed their suspect was still about five blocks from where i am up here, over to the east. now he is found about a half mile that direction to the west. hiding in the back of a boat. there are reports a fire has been started inside the boat. it is believed he is wounded but still alive. >> let me just hop in. we have new information. suspect's body is still throwing off heat, we are told. there is thermal imaging used by law enforcement to be able to determine what is going on. >> and let's explain -- right. people have probably scene it in the movies. that's quite accurate. the thermal imaging. and when it is cold, your body has a heat signature and the high-tech gear can place out that heat signature. they can see which is his head and where are his feet if he is laying down, where he is in the boat to get a general sense of him being there. let's say he's been fatally
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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